A Guide to Benefits in the UK: Taxation

benefits in kind in the UK taxation

As we pointed out in the first part of this guide to benefits in the UK, the question of What benefits should I be offering to attract and retain employees?" is top of mind to many employers across the world. We teamed up with Ben, a UK-base benefits provider to give you the answer when … Continue reading A Guide to Benefits in the UK: Taxation

Five areas of international payroll you need to understand

five areas of international payroll to understand

Irrespective of where in the world it's done, payroll is the process and system by which a company pays its employees, pay period in and pay period out. It involves keeping employee financial records, calculating their paycheck taking wages, taxes, tax credits, allowances, and benefits-in-kind into consideration, and issuing those paychecks. Regardless of where the company or its employees are based, every employee must receive the accurate pay (and payslip) with all withholdings and deductions submitted to the local tax authorities. Here is what you need to understand about international payroll