Why Should You be a Compliant Remote Employer?

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We have spent the last few weeks, covering in detail the risks that companies, distributed or not, run by working with independent contractors long term. With repercussions for everyone involved, we hope this has given you some food for thought. If any of it applies to you, in this post, we would like to give you five clear reasons why you should be a compliant remote employer.

10 Inherent Inequalities Between Independent Contractors and Employees

In our last post, we covered one of Remote Work's tricky "Gotcha Moments": having remote workers as independent contractors instead of employees can cause many problems. The fact that many distributed companies still do it doesn't make it right. The repercussions of doing so can be grave and damaging in financial, reputational, strategic and ethical ways.

How to be a Compliant Remote Company in 2020: A 10-step Guide

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It is about ten minutes into my conversation with Laurel Farrer, CEO of Distribute Consulting and founder of the Remote Work Association, that I realise working from the wrong setup at home may be seen as a form of non-compliance. I am sitting on the couch, instead of an ergonomic chair and desk, I have … Continue reading How to be a Compliant Remote Company in 2020: A 10-step Guide